Kick Starter of the Week- Bit Parts: Photographs

In a search for Kick Starters similar to what I plan to put together one day, I found Mia Erin Beach's project and fell instantly in love.

It's very simple.  All of her current funds go towards her family, 2 kids with one on the way, and daily expenses.  Art supplies have sadly taken a backseat and that's what you'll be funding when you pledge to this project.

The main focus is to complete her "Bit Parts" photography series and prepare it for publication and galleries.  It would be a cryin' shame if this incredible series was never completed. Romantic, creative, mysterious and utterly unique, you simply must click that link and see for yourself.

While you're at it, peruse the rest of her photography site.  I can't tell you how inspired I feel after just quick little glimpse.

Her goal is a mere $983 and with the lowest pledge set at $1, how can you resist? However, $5 and up gets you a unique piece of work from the artist. And five people who donate $200 will have their own image turned into a custom "Bit Part" piece.  How's that for reward?

Bit Parts
"Admiring their new view, the Turners pause in a moment of reflection before continuing" by Mia Erin Beach
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