Kick Starter of the Week - Sound Through Sight: Understanding Music in 2010

This Kick Starter aims to answer a question in my own mind: What exactly is the current state of music and the music industry?

Tom Williams (writer), Sarah Mulligan (photographer) and Rahawa Haile (filmmaker) are gearing up for a "Gonzo" road trip across the country to seek out answers.  They plan to to talk to bands (small and large), record store clerks, venue owners, label managers and of course, the fans. 

So why now? Why try to understand the music industry in 2010? As they note on their Kick Starter page, every decade has been defined by a genre, but after the decline of the major music industry in the '00s (labels collapsing) and the underground scene becoming a little less underground (internet!), the possibilities for the next decade are truly endless.

Your pledges will help them publish a book they intend on writing after their trip to NYC, Richmond, Chapel Hill, Athens (GA), New Orleans, Austin (SXSW Fest), Monterrey (Mexico) and Nashville.  Plus a little towards food, gas and other amenities along the way. 

All they ask is $1400 to cover the cost and they're nearly there, but there's only 16 days left to pledge.  And as always, if you give a little, you get a little.  Give $5 and get a postcard from the road, give $15 and receive a signed paperback copy of the book and for $1000 they'll personally drive to your house to interview you for the book!

Of course, there are loads of other options so head over to the Kick Starter page and see for yourself! 

Kick Starter is a new way to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavors.  Fund a project today!
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