Kick Starter of the Week - Noon Design Studio: The only natural dye house in the US

This week's Kick Starter feature is really something special, especially if you're all about going green. 

Noon Design Studio, run by Jane Palmer, is the only natural dye house in the United States and she needs our help.  As I write this post, the project has less than a month to go and only 43% of the funds needed to complete.

What does she need the money for?  To pay off the lease on what she calls the heart of her operation, her industrial dye machine.   This machine allows Jane to dye multiple yards of fabric at a time rather than standing over a tiny boiling pot on the stove. 

Why not pledge a little so she can get back to concentrating on the real project, dying beautiful fabrics?  For $5 get a patch dyed using the Shibori method (Japanese way of creating a pattern through stitching and folding cloth). $200 and have something larger (duvet cover, shower curtian, etc) dyed using this technique.

The doozie, $500 gets you a private Shibori workshop with Jane in Chicago.  There's only 4 slots available for this one so you'd better hop on it!

If you can't spend the dough, spread the word!  There's plenty of backers out there, we just have to make sure they know about Kick Starter and all the wonderful projects within.  Tweet this post  (easy button up near the title) and tell your pals about Noon Design Studio!
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