Kick Starter of the Week - My Best Khaki Pants

This week's Kick Starter is a woman after my own heart. It's always been a dream of mine to travel the U.S. and Janeen McCrae (aka thenoodleator) is doing just that.

Janeen is an Australian living in New York City who's about to go on a very long bike ride (with her bike "Precious)" on the TransAmerica trail.   That's 4,262 miles.

Four thousand two hundred sixty-two miles!

I know, I'm out of breath just thinking about it too.

So where do you come in?  She wants to share her adventures with us by writing a book "My Best Khaki Pants" (of course!).  The money you give will be put towards printing and shipping costs.  A small portion will go towards a special "Feed Station Reward" where she'll document food she eats along the way.

Janeen will actually be paying for the trip itself out of her own pocket.

By the way, in case you're curious what the title of the book means: "In the U.S., it's pronounced 'cacky'. And where I'm from, cacky means sh*tty, and pants means underwear. Thus rendering the sentence "I'm going to wear my best khaki pants" fantastically awesome."

Pledges start at $3 bucks so why not give that coffee money you were going to spend today?
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