Etsy Wednesday - Black and White Edition

Gossiping Birds Ring by Dillon DesignsWhat: Black and White acrylic rings
Who: Dillon Designs
Cost: $8.00
Simple, made to order, acrylic rings.  There are LOADS of designs.  You'll find just the right one for you, I have no doubt.

What: Black & White Denim BagsB&W Denim Bag from Crazy Boy
Who: Crazy Boy
Cost: $30 - $59
Modern, denim, large enough for your stuff and loads of designs to choose from. Get your next bag from Crazy Boy!

Urban Landscapes by Ingrid Art StudioWhat: Urban Landscapes
Who: Ingrid Art Studios
Cost: $110
Painting mixed with photography, this 6 piece set of 4x4 works is a definite eye catcher. Get a 4 piece set for $74.

What: Custom Traditional Freehand SilhouettesFreehand Custom Silhouettes by Jenny Lee Fowler
Who: Jenny Lee Fowler
Cost: $25 - $130
I love how Jenny Lee takes the traditional silhouette and gives it a modern flare with her incredible paper cutting skills!

1940s WW2 Era Apron by The Way We WearWhat: Vintage Reproduction WWII era Apron
Who: The Way We Wear
Cost: $44.95
I don't' wear aprons, but I'd wear this one..maybe out on the town!  Click the link and see it in full.

Striped Vase by Magnolia PotteryWhat: Striped Vase
Who: Magnolia Pottery
Cost: $36
Lots of beautiful pottery in this Etsy shop and even some Nightmare Before Christmas inspired pieces! Check it out!

What: Poppy Penguin Kokeshi Doll by Savage Artworks Poppy Penguin Kokeshi Doll
Who: Savage Artworks
Cost: $18
Snag this or one of the many other hand painted wooden Kokeshi dolls. They're absolutely adorable.

Dharma Initiative by Atlantis804What: Dharma Initiative Adjustable Belt
Who: Atlantis808
Cost: $12.50
This buckle represents the Flame Station but all the other stations are there too. Get yer LOST on.

Vinyl Wall Art Decal by Wow WallWhat: Vinyl Wall Art Decals
Who: Wow Wall
Cost: $16 - $134
So many beautiful decals to choose from and not all in black and white.  A must see.  Change your boring walls with this simple applique!

What: Feather HeadbandsEllington Feather Headband by FeatherBrain
Who: Featherbrain
Cost: $20
Never have I ever wanted to wear a feather headband more than I do right now.  You must see all the other (colorful) options!
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