5 Artsy Fartsy Craftsy Designy Blogs you should know about

The last few weeks I have been searching for other blogs like A&D to find some online comrades.  Blogs that love the arts, crafts, photography, whatever.  Anywhere within the realm of creativity.  Now I find myself overwhelmed with fantastic reading material so I figured I'd better start sharing the wealth.

One Pretty Thing

One Pretty Thing is one stop shop for everything handmade.  Daily DIY projects and tutorials, featured projects and a wealth of other crafty info. 

Make Something

Part photoblog, part crafts.  Make Something is one woman's adventure in making something new every day.

How About Orange

How about orange... is packed with a pelthora of useful resources including fabrics, wallpapers, DIY tutorials and printable projects.  It's also been nominated for a Bloggie!

Oh Joy

Fashion, design, decor. Oh Joy! has it all and a beautiful blog to boot.

Share Some Candy

Share Some Candy is a virtual museum of all things artsy fartsy.  Illustration, furniture, photography, packaging, sculpture, typography, etc.  It's all there!
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