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To Blogher or not to Blogher?

Straying from the arts to bring up an important blogging topic: The 2010 Blogher Conference.

Etsy Wednesday - 6 Super Giveaways

I thought it might be fun to do a little roundup of some of the Etsy giveaways going on around the web this week since there always seems to be a handful of them. Find something (or things) you just gotta have? Click the Giveaway link and enter to win!

Kick Starter of the Week - Sound Through Sight: Understanding Music in 2010

This Kick Starter aims to answer a question in my own mind: What exactly is the current state of music and the music industry?

Day of Catch Up - 5 Ways to Help Tackle an Overwhelming To-Do List

After an extremely long weekend (5 shows, an opening night, visit from the fella's mom, etc) I've found myself incredibly behind and overwhelmed with my list of to-do.

Between Creation - New social network for artists

I know what you're thinking, "Just what I need, another social network." Well you really do need to check this one out.

Etsy Wednesday - Black and White Edition

Check out all things black and white in this week's Etsy Wednesday!

Kick Starter of the Week - Noon Design Studio: The only natural dye house in the US

This week's Kick Starter feature is really something special, especially if you're all about going green.

5 Fantastic DIY Projects

Hope you had a great weekend! Now get crackin' on these DIY projects, will ya?

One in Five Photo Project - Prospect Park Snowmen

Part of my new project, One in Five, where I take 5 shots of one thing.

8 Gorgeous Shots of the NYC Snowstorm

The snowstorm really inspired some amazing photography yesterday. Here's a small samping from some Flickr photogs.

Before and after the snow in photos...

A before and after shot of the snow storm we had in NYC.

Etsy Wednesday - Snow as an Artform 10 Ways

I had a whole different Etsy Wednesday planned for today...then the blizzard hit and all I can think about is snow! So for this week, we're gonna take a look at some amazing photography, paintings, and illustrations inspired by snow!

Kick Starter of the Week- Bit Parts: Photographs

In a search for Kick Starters similar to what I plan to put together one day, I found Mia Erin Beach's project and fell instantly in love.

One in Five Photo Project - Subway in the Snow

A new project where I take 5 different shots of one person, place or thing. This weeks "One in Five" is my subway stop after a snowstorm. Enjoy!

5 Fantastic Valentine's Day DIY Project Tutorials

You've just gotta see these 5 Valentine's Day projects. Get inspired and make something special for your loved one!

5 Artsy Fartsy Craftsy Designy Blogs you should know about

Time to get your artsy fartsy craft on. Check out this amazing bunch of blogs!

Two Museums, Two Paintings, One Superbowl Bet

This has got to be one of the coolest Superbowl bets in the history of Superbowl bets.

Etsy Wednesday - 10 Great Valentine's Day Finds!

You've only got 11 days left to shop for Valentine's day! Of course, if you're shopping on the internet, you really only have about five left if you want to make sure your gifts get here on time. So hop to it already!

Kick Starter of the Week - My Best Khaki Pants

This week's Kick Starter is a woman after my own heart. Check out Janeen McCrae's dream to travel across the US on her bike and write about it.

Gotta See It - LOST Showdowns in watercolor

That's right, I'm a LOST fanatic and as you probably know, the show premiere's it's final season tonight! Check out some art work inspired by the show.

Help Haiti Art Fundraiser on BOOOOOOOM!

It may not be the top news story of the day anymore, but Haiti is still very very much in need and it's been amazing to watch the arts community rise up and help

Call to artists...'Let's Save Michigan' poster contest

Hey creative Michiganders! Did you know there's a campaign to save your state that needs a poster design? Well now you do, so you're welcome.

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