My Photography 'Bucket List' - What's yours?

I love this idea! Thanks to Darren Rowse over at Digital Photography School for coming up with a photography bucket list and encouraging us to make our own. 

So often I find myself wandering around Flickr and other people's photoblogs thinking "I'd like to take a photo like that."  Or just daydreaming in general of the things I'd love to shoot.  I never thought to make a bucket list before.

So here's far:  

Newsworthy moment:
  I take my camera with me everywhere.  If for some reason I forget, I keep my eyes on the pavement in case something perfect for photographing happens and I miss out.  A little dream I have is to be in just the right place at the right time for a newsworthy moment as it takes place.  Sometimes I even daydream of being a photographer for a newspaper.

A shot in every state: This has actually been a sorta lifelong dream of mine. While others dream of traveling overseas, I've always wanted to see every state in the U.S.  Just thinking that a one hour drive in any direction brings you somewhere entirely different, imagine what every different state has to offer?

Surfers/Skaters in action
:  I grew up around skateboards, the fella is one (and a surfer) and my mom surfed growing up.  That kind of lifestyle has always been a part of mine.  I've always wanted to get down, dirty and take some really great shots of skaters/surfers in action. I can't believe I haven't yet actually.

Underwater: I particularly want to capture the movement of fabric and sunbeams underwater.  Also flash photography at night while submerged.

A couple's first moment together:  As in "Hi, my name is..." This one is really tricky.  I basically just have to keep shooting people when they meet and hope one of them sticks, right?  I have this goal because someone actually shot the fella and I during our very first conversation.  How cool is that?

Lone tree on a hill:  I always feel an emotional pang when I see photos like that. It would be particularly great if there was fog or clouds and the tree had no leaves.

Abandoned building:  As in whoever was there just left everything behind.  I'm always jealous when I see photos like this because I want to go.  I want to see it for myself.  Also, the shots always end up pretty incredible. I often wonder if whoever lived or worked in said building saw the abandoned shots, what would they think?

Somewhere I shouldn't be
: You know, like a men's locker room or behind that 'No Trespassing' sign. 

So, what's on your photo bucket list?
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