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Do you know about Kick Starter?  Honestly, I thought I had already posted about this place awhile back but I guess it fell in one of those dusty places in my brain and I forgot.  Surprise!

So it's actually a really important and incredible site for creative minds and willing donors.  Kick Starter offers a place for people to post their projects and ideas that need a little funding.  Whether it be a little backup cash for bills while they finally finish that photography series or funding to help out a creative meeting space.  There are loads of unique projects you can help.

Plus, there's added incentive (other than helping out a creative mind in need) for all you folks interested in lending a helping hand. Each project has a little something nice to give depending on how much you pledge.  (i.e. a photographer sends you a print with a pledge of 25 bucks or more).  So you walk away with more than just that fuzzy feeling.

There is a catch though!  If the project doesn't meet it's financial goal by a certain date, then it gets no funding at all.  So if you see something you believe in, don't hesitate...give!

To make up for not mentioning this place sooner, and just because I love the cause, I'll be adding a Kick Starter of the week here on Arts and Dafts starting tomorrow!
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