Etsy Wednesday - Lapis Beach is Open for Business

Wire Cuff
Black Tie CuffGlam Ocean RingVolcano Cuff

What: Hand Knit Beaded Jewelry
Who: Lapis Beach
How much: $20-$60

I can tell you first hand that these pieces are really gorgeous.  That top photo was taken by me because the lovely Lauren was kind enough to send along a prototype of her wire cuff!
  I honestly thought the wire would scratch and/or be too flimsy and bend, but I was way wrong.  I wore it all day to test it out and it didn't scratch me or fall out of shape.

The bracelets and ring below that?  Well I'm happy to announce I get to giveaway a set of the Black Tie (cuff and ring)  to you in celebration of her Etsy shop opening!

I've seen a lot of knit beaded jewelry before, but I have to say Lauren has really mastered the art and created something truly unique. The pieces are durable, comfortable and she really has a knack for color combinations.  (I'm drooling a little over that Volcano cuff pictured bottom right). 

Lapis Beach on Etsy is barely one week old today and it's already off to a running start with a sale before the opening could even be announced. So be sure to enter the giveaway to win a set for yourself, but don't forget to head over to her shop too.  These one of a kind pieces are sure to move fast!

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