Etsy Wednesday - Gorgeous handmade hats by Janine Basil

Cupids HeartLouiseHonor

Who: Janine Basil
What: Handmade hats
How much: $40 - $500

How can you resist these?  I mean

Each of these hats is completely handmade by Janine using beautiful fabrics and embellishments. You can see for yourself how truly unique each one is so you know you'll be getting a one of kind creation. 

I love the little Cupids Heart.  In fact, she has a whole section set aside for Valentine's day.  They're all curved to fit your head, have a piece of elastic or are attached to a headband and have been lined with polyester felt to keep from slipping off your noggin.  So why not make your V-Day a little snazzier? 

You should also know I had the pleasure of connecting with Janine via Indie Junction and she's a wonderful gal.  That sweetens the pot a little, doesn't it?

And don't forget, even if you can't buy today, head on over and fave her shop and/or let them know you're a fan.  It's always inspiring to know you have fans!

Have an etsy shop you think I should feature?  Contact me right away!
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