Etsy Wednesday - Art Prints from 2nd Coming

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Who: 2nd Coming Illustrations
What: Art Prints and Greeting Cards
How Much: $4.50-$48

It's always a treat when I can not only showcase some art I truly love, but give props to a local NYC gal.  I had the pleasure of meeting this fantastic artist on Indie Junction and absolutely had to share her work.

You really do need to see the rest of her shop.  What I've featured here just scratches the surface.  There's a fantastic sense of humor to her work that will really make them a unique piece for your home.

The prints, on acid free paper with long lasting Viviera ink, are all reproductions of her hand drawn and digitally colored illustrations.  There's a signature on the back of each one as well. The greeting cards are done with the same care on high quality, heavyweight stock with blank insides.

So why not go support an artist today and snag yourself a print?  Hmmm?
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