Arists unite on Indie Junction - A new social networking site

Indie Junction

Hey artists, have you heard?  There's a new social network in town just for you!  It's Indie Junction and it's fantastic.  Just a few days old too and getting a big response already.

On top of that, the two ladies, Nicky Vee and Deb Hall, who run the joint are really wonderful.  I had the pleasure of chatting it up with them for a bit and I'm really impressed.  With the power of their business and art minds combined, this place is destined for success.

Plus, who doesn't love a site owner who's readily available to talk to you?

Who is this site good for? Well anyone really.  However it's particularly great for artisans, newbie and veteran alike, to show off their wares and promote their businesses.  It's also promising to be a great place to start collaborations and learn a few new tricks.

Hey photogs, we're welcome too! 

Oh, and yes it's free to sign up.  So there's really no point in dilly dallying.  And while you're at it, visit my profile and friend me!


P.S. There's just over 24 hours left in my print giveaway!  Go enter to win! All you have to do is comment!
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