A look back at 2009 (give it a shot!)

So last year on Arts & Dafts one year blogaversary I put together a look back post.  I had so much fun with it that I wanted to get it done a little earlier this year and encourage you to do it too! 

So here's how it works, you simply take the first line from the first post of every month this year (2009), re-post it and then reflect/add your comments.  I bet you'll be surprised to see how far you've come!  Or maybe get a few giggles out of the year younger you.

I've changed my version a little bit.  I've decided that since photography has become such an important part of my life and Monday Moments were new in 2009 and a little more about me, I would feature the first MM of every month. 

P.S. I plan to do something new to celebrate this years blogaversary so make sure to come back the week of January 1st, 2010!

January 2009: The little things...now a "Monday Moment"

Natural Light (by RGP)
I said: "I almost let this photograph go."

Now I say: My very first Monday Moment!  It all started when this photo got me thinking about how important those little, overlooked moments in life are SO important.  It reminds us to slow down, recognize, soak in and move forward. I love this photo.
February 2009: Busy is Good

1 (by RGP)
I said: "First let me start off by clarifying that if you'd like to participate in a "Monday Moment", there's no theme, there doesn't need to be a photograph and the moment doesn't even have to happen on a Monday, just posted then."

Now I say
: My attempt to get you to play along with me.  Of course, this is back when the idea started to get a little muddled and became more of a Monday Novel than a brief moment. 

March 2009:

Frozen Foods (by RGP)
I said: "My moment is obvious this week."

Now I say: Obvious indeed.  It was the first big snow storm we'd had in a long time and after a long tech week, I was SO happy to have the chance to go out and play in it.  Mondays might mean the first day of the week to you, but to me they mean my one day off.  Every Monday I have to pray that nature wants to play along.  In this case, it did exactly what I'd hoped.

April 2009: Hello Goodbye

Reflect (50/90) (by RGP)
I said: "Good-bye to my special Manhattan roof for about a month."

Now I say: Yes! The first day off after a show closes. It's a great day. Knowing that for just a little while I can relax, concentrate on my photos and wake up when I want.  But it's always bitter sweet as I leave behind the beautiful skylines and crazy streets of Manhattan and hole up in Brooklyn.  On the other hand, I got to watch the coming of spring in Prospect Park which is way better than cement city.

May 2009: Bye for now

Leaving Soon (77/90) (by RGP)
I said: "Having trouble staying motivated, inspired and even thinking straight the last few days."

Now I say: This post bums me out.  It's about my best friend and fella leaving for 4 months for work.  I'm getting really tired of him having to leave like that and it makes me loathe summer.  But I guess, especially these days, you have to go where the work takes you.

June 2009: Monday Moment - Peaceful

Her Spot (by RGP)
I said:"Today was a day of healing for me."

Now I say: I remember this day well.  I was still really struggling with the fella being gone and work was taking its toll on me. So I finally got my butt out of the house and took a long walk by myself.   It may have saved my brain from a total meltdown.  I hope I can remember to do this in the future.

July 2009: Searching for a Silver Lining

July 4th Sky (by RGP)
I said: "I haven't properly bathed since last Thursday."

Now I say: HAHAHAHAHA! What a great first line, eh? Oh boy do I remember this.  In fact, I can't believe this happened all the way back in July.  I could have sworn it happened last week.  It's when my plumbing had a very minor problem that turned into a very major problem.  Now I police everyone who showers to make sure they aren't cranking the knobs too tight.  I might even wrap a knuckle or two.

August 2009
: Feeling Accomplished

Lyric is Waiting (by RGP)
I said: "I have officially completed my first official photography job!"

Now I say: Woah, this is what blogging/Monday Moments are all about, right?  Now I can look back and be reminded when my first photo job happened.  This was SUCH a huge milestone for me and then later to have this shot (and another) posted in the New York Times...just huge.  I will never forget this. 

September 2009: Pigeon Parliament

The Birds (by RGP)
I said: "Every day at work, when we have our ten minute breaks, my co-worker and I step out back for some fresh air and to watch the insanely large group of pigeons hangout on the bridge at the Port Authority."

Now I say: Yep, this still happens.  Except now said co-worker isn't there and we don't step out as much because, well it's December and it's freakin' cold out.  I have to say though, I am still in awe of this interesting phenomenon.  Now I'm inspired to go see if they're there this weekend. 

October 2009
A New Month

After the Storm (by RGP)
I said: "As I recently explained, September straight up sucked."

Now I say:
Yeah, September did suck and I really didn't want to remember that. However, I do remember how strong I was feeling at the beginning of October and that's inspiring.  Maybe I can conjure some of that up for the New Year?

November 2009:
Gripe it Out

Autumn Princess (by RGP)
I said: "If it weren't for the little moments like the one pictured above, I'm not sure how I would make it sometimes."

Now I say:
You know what...these Monday Moments really are reminding me what an INSANE year 2009 has been.  The ups were way up and the downs were way way down.  This strengthens the idea of how important it is that we take notice of the smaller moments.  Because the big ones are effin' exhausting!  Am I right?

December 2009: Lights

I said: "A small, bright corner in Manhattan with some Christmas lights down the street."

Now I say: Well, this happened a week ago.  It's short because I decided to go back to my original idea of posting a simple moment and leaving it at that.  But now after looking back, maybe I'd be remiss not to write a little more? 
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