Holiday adventures in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. Probably not what you think...

Oh the stories I could tell you about our trip to Dyker Heights on Christmas eve.  For those of you who don't know, it's a neighborhood in Brooklyn that's famous for their Christmas displays.  The fella and I decided to take a trip down on Christmas Eve and although we knew we were in for a campy, Christmasy treat, we really had no idea just how ridiculous it would get. 

Since this post could get really long, I'm going to send you over to Flickr to read a brief version of the Crackhead Elmo part of the evening. 

Now for the Snowbabies.  Do you know what Snowbabies are?  They're tiny little collectible figurines (as seen below).


They're kinda cute right?  So you'd think a yard full of them might be over-the-top adorable...

Quite the contrary.  Read on...if you dare.

The Darker Side of Snowbabies (by RGP)

This is what we saw.  Terrifying, underlit, scratched up with Joker's smiles and dead eyes painted on Snowbabies.

These people are either totally delusional about their holiday set up or they're going to be our best friends one day due to their incredible sense of humor.

Here, check out some more shots: (click them to get larger versions) and be sure to keep checking my Flickr for a nativity scene with a snow covered baby Jesus.  As in...completely covered.  As in...Mary and Joseph are fawning over a pile of snow.  Oh, and inflatable baby Jesus too.

The Darker Side of Snowbabies (by RGP)

The Darker Side of Snowbabies

The Darker Side of Snowbabies (by RGP)
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