Etsy Wednesday - Time to switch your calendar! 5 great options...

Since Christmas is just two days away, I think it's safe to say it's a little late to order any gifts.  So on to the new year and some fantastic calendars to get you started.

Printable CalendarI love these printable calendars from Blue Tricycle.  Yes, I said printable!  For just $4-$5 you can print these gorgeous designs out yourself.  No waiting for the mail to come. Instant gratification.  Doesn't get much better than that.  Check out the whole shop for more printable goods.

A snark calendar? Perfect!  Snark CalendarFly Trap provides all things snark (cards, gifts, etc) and of course, this awesome calendar with a snarky remark for every month.  Particularly funny when coupled with the adorable graphics.  See the listing for a full list of monthly snark!  $12.00

Color It YourselfThis black & white, color-it-yourself calendar from Daisy Janie is perfect for the disorganized artist.  It features large squares to write your daily appointments and even larger squares up top for you to jot down notes every month.  Snag it for only $25.00!

Shakespeare CalendarYou simply must go look at this beautifully illustrated Shakespeare calendar from Immortal Longings.  I can't believe it's only $9.99. Each month is on a 14x6" card and features a different play (see the list on the item page).  They sold out last year so definitely don't wait!

Poster CalendarNow this is awesome. A 24x40" poster sized calendar drawn up to look like a whole town from The Sketched Book!  It really doesn't get much more unique than this.  Each month is a building and has squares big enough for jotting down notes.  There's only 40 prints made and at $44 bucks, it's a steal!
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