Etsy Wednesday - 10 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Unique Friends and Family

Theramin KitTheramin Kit
For: The Musician
From: Theremaniacs Theremins
Cost: $79.95
Turn anything into a Theremin with this awesome kit!

Salt CellarSalt Cellar
For: The Cook
From: NatureDesign
Cost: $39 - $50 (different sizes)
Not just useful, also has a great story.  If you have been with someone long enough to eat a cellar full of salt, you're friends forever!

Binary Code Cuff LinksBinary Code Cuff Links
For: The Geek
From: bddesigns
Cost: $76
This set says "love" but you can have any word, up to 5 letters, inscribed!

Vintage Lead Letter PressVintage Lead Letter Press
For: The Crafter/DIYer
From: SalvageNation
Cost: $15
This shop is FULL of fantastic printer blocks, letterpress and more!

Seedling Cat TreeSeedling Cat Tree
For: Cat Lover
From: Pet Tree Houses
Cost: $179
Check out the shop for larger and smaller options!

Green Leaf CoverGreen Leaf Cover
For: The Traveler
From: Mundo Flo
Cost: $27.50
Holds pens, pencils, notebook, credit cards and more.

Seed Starting TraysSeed Starting Trays
For: The Gardener
From: Andrew's Reclaimed
Cost: $53 for 10
Come as a super easy to put together assembly kit!  Durable so you can use them season after season.

Purple Martin BirdhousePurple Martin Birdhouse
For: The Birdwatcher
From: Bee Gracious
Cost: $195
Tons of bird and butterfly houses to choose from in this shop.  Check it out!

Camera Lens BraceletCamera Lens Bracelet
For: The Photographer
From: JDW Originals
Cost: $65
You've gotta see the shop for even more camera related cuffs.  So awesome!!

Fountain PenNovelist Series Fountain Pen
For: The Writer
From: Donald J. Fuss Fine Writing Instruments
Cost: $74.50 (varies per pen)
I still have the first "fancy" pen I was given to inspire my writing and it still does today.  Check out these gorgeous handmade options!
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