Etsy Wednesday (Late Edition) - 10 Great Stocking Stuffers

Sorry this post didn't make it up yesterday! Unfortunately we had some unexpected downtime with our servers which meant *horror* no blogs!  But we're back up now!  Enjoy the list, I hope it's helpful!

Three Little FloomfsWhat:Needle Felted Toys and Accessories
Where: Moonsty and Floontsy
Cost: $12 - $46
Each little toy/accessory is handmade.  These needle felted cuties are a must for your stocking stuffing.  Seriously, how can you resist those faces?

DIY Doll KitWhat: DIY Kits, Wooden Dolls and Other Toys
Where: Goose Grease
Cost: $1 - $150 ($9-$50 for DIY Kits)
There is SO much to choose from in this Etsy shop.  Yo-yos, tops, wooden dolls, games.  The list goes check it out!

Pocket MirrorWhat: Pocket Mirrors
Where: Madison Craft
Cost: $5
There are over 200 of these adorable little mirrors in the shop so you're certain to find just the right one.  Also, they're buy 3 get one free for a limited time!

Coal SoapWhat: Handcrafted Soaps
Where: Sun Basil Garden
Cost: $2.75 - $55
How perfect would a few soapy lumps of coal be as a stocking stuffer?  It's not all coal though, check out the rest of the awesomely unique soaps (like bacon!).

2010 Desktop CalendarWhat: Desktop Calendars/Stationary
Where: 3 Sister's Love
Cost: $4 - $60 ($20 for calendars)
Everything in this shop is stocking stuffer worthy!  Also, get yourself some unique gift tags for your Christmas wrapping.
DIY Felt KitsWhat: DIY Felt Stitch Kits
Where: Kendraha
Cost: $3.50 - $16
These are fantastic!  Stitch your own felt wallets, coin purses, ornaments and even...ROBOTS!

Ouch PouchWhat: First Aid Kits
Where: Ouch Pouch
Cost: $5.95 (empty) - $24.95 (filled!)
You can get these totally unique first aid kits empty or totally filled up with all your boo-boo needs.

Tree MagnetsWhat: Glass Marble Magnets
Where: Mostly Magnets
Cost: $5.50 - $6.50
With over 50 sets of magnets offered, you're bound to find just the right one. They even have helpful word and day of the week magnets! 

Purse HangerWhat: Purse Hangers
Where: Fiaz Co
Cost: $25 - $30
I've never even heard of these before now!  So cool, a must see. Hang your purse discretely from the table while your out and about.  They also have purses and clutches.

Flash HarpWhat: Flash Harp (Flash drive harmonicas)
Where: Backyard Brand
Cost:  $44.95 - $174.95
A flash drive you can actually use as a harmonica! Also, they come with a video in the drive to learn how to play! Brilliant.
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