A year in photos....

Time to pick my favorite or most memorable shot from each month of the year and make you look at them.  So here...go look at them. Oh, and buy them so that I may eat! (RyPepper.com)

On Thin Ice (by RGP)
January 12, 2009.  One of the last shots with my Sony DSC-V3 and an excellent representation of Prospect Park.

Brother Gypsy (1/90) (by RGP)
February 13, 2009. One of the very first shots I took with my brand new Nikon D90. 

Natural Light
March 30, 2009.  The shot I took specifically for and was selected to be in a collective gallery exhibit.  My first gallery show EVER!  I'll never forget it and consider it to be the official beginning of my photography career.

Circus in the Park (by RGP)
April 17, 2009.  Another fantastic representation of Prospect Park, Brooklyn.  Every spring the Universoul Circus takes over a parking lot right near the park entrance closest to my apartment. I love that you can see the big top on most of the walk around the lake. 

When You're Gone (81/90) (by RGP)
May 7, 2009. I took this the day the fella left for the summer.  It's probably one of my first "emotionally driven" pieces.  I still get a lot of comments on it.

Her Spot (by RGP)
June 1, 2009.  One of my favorite photos ever.  Never really very popular with anyone else but I get nothing but peace when I see this image.  Everything, down to what the woman is wearing, is just perfect for the mood I was in that day.  I was finally starting to settle with the fella being gone for so long and enjoying my summer days. Just like her in this moment, I was alone and content.

Lightning is Striking (by RGP) Lyric is Waiting (by RGP)
July 13 & 30, 2009.  I had to pick two because both are pretty significant to me.  My first captured lighting on film and a production shot that made it into the New York Times. 

He's Baaaack (by RGP)
August 28, 2009.  The day the fella returned home after 4 months.

Special Delivery! (by RGP)
September 10, 2009.  Took this the day I got my lens back from the repair guy after I somehow managed to break the filter ring off. Very quick, from the hip, happy accident photo. 

Where'd he go? (by RGP)
October 30, 2009.  The day after my brother moved out after being our housemate for 6 years.  Still miss having him around.

Under (by RGP)
November 14, 2009  Simply put, I just love this photograph.

Waiting Alone (by RGP)
December 17, 2009  Ditto.
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