Gripe it out

Autumn Princess (by RGP)

If it weren't for the little moments like the one pictured above, I'm not sure how I would make it sometimes.

Yeah, that's right.  I feel like griping today. 

Life's not so pleasant distractions are getting me down.  Sick cats, financial issues, surrounded by a general lack of motivation and some other things I can't mention here in a public forum.  You know how it goes.  People pissing other people off, etc. 

What's bumming me out the most, and perhaps this is a girl thing, is that when a problem arises, the rest of that day is inevitably shot to hell. I know I'm behind on blogging, photos, etc and I actually woke up pretty stoked to get some of that done...until the cat made a sound, which snowballed into an issue and avalanched it's way into 'gee what are all the other problems in my life?"

It's a bitch trying to be creative when all your brain really wants to do is dwell. 

Dwell, dwell, dwell.

And of course, half the problems aren't mine directly...they just effect me...directly.  Which I guess makes them my problems.

Unless I pack up and run away to Fiji or something. 

What's Fiji like this time of year?

Listen, this is hard for me, this whole getting it off my chest thing.  I'm totally one of those people who says "everyone's got problems so suck it up."  But today I just can't find a straw.

So instead I say, "Suck it."
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