November 2009

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Home for the holidays

I had a wonderful visit with the family on Thanksgiving. It was a gorgeous day, the turkey was delicious and we got to go outside and play for a little while.

Gotta See It - Beautiful Paintings by Leoned Afremov

I was so overwhelmed when I saw these beautiful works by Leonid Afremov that I just had to share.

Etsy Wednesday - Holiday and Black Friday Sales!

Check out some great finds on Etsy, all with Black Friday/Holiday deals!

Vote - National Geographics International Photo Contest

"Every year, National Geographic's International Photography Contest draws thousands of spectacular photos from users around the world." Go vote for your favorites!


I love catching a pair of bright shoes on the dirty streets of Manhattan. These were captured on the corner of 42nd and 9th.

Tim Burton at MoMA!

I can't tell you how excited I've been getting for the Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMA. When I first saw an article about it a couple of weeks ago, I nearly fell out of my chair.

Mysterio Predicts Your Christmas Presents

Check out Mysterio...he'll tell you what you're getting for Christmas.

Etsy Wednesday - Vintage Leather Gloves from Le Nouveau Noir

You simply must check out these beautiful and truly unique leather vintage gloves!

Sharing an Umbrella

A moment captured over the weekend.

Gotta See It - Your face as a mask...

I know it's not Halloween anymore, but I couldn't pass up sharing this with you.

Etsy Wednesday - Stunning Handmade Jewelry Boxes

You absolutely MUST see these amazing jewelry boxes form Jim Jenkins Designs.

Gotta See It - Real Life Lichtenstein

Check out this awesome real life model has the famous blond of Roy Lichtenstein's paitings.

Gotta See It - Stabby Hat

It's been a really really long week at work. (Yay 14 hour days!) I think I could really use one of these...

Etsy Wednesday - Leah Giberson

Check out these beautifully simple and yet extremely intricate paintings from Leah Giberson!

Gripe it out

If it weren't for the little moments like the one pictured, I'm not sure how I would make it sometimes.

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