Etsy Wednesday - Miniature (and full sized) Hats

Lace Up Mini Top HatBlack Mini Top HatTea Party Mini HatWicked Mini Top Hat

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I checked out the Anime Fest on our dinner break just to pass the time.  Our favorite part was seeing all the amazing Lolita costumes and best of all...the tiny hats! 

Of course, I completely forgot about my temporary obsession (as I tend to do) until I came across the Gypsy Lady Hats Etsy shop.

Obsession renewed!

Oh, and in case you're not into the miniature thing, all their small hats are replicas of full sized hats.

They're a little pricier than the items I normally show on Etsy Wednesday, ranging from $50-$145, but each hat is created with the finest materials. So you know you're not only getting something unique (or custom if you desire), but also of the highest q

Come on, you know you want to take a peek!
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