Long Live (by RGP)

I think one of my favorite parts of setting up my new photoblog is going back and revisiting my older shots, like this one you see above.  It's my friend Jimmie Lee (yes, it's a man) posing in the beautiful queen's costume from a play we worked on together. 

I had completely forgetten we even did this photo shoot back in August of '07.  I only had my little Sony point n shoot at the time and was just realizing photography might be something I wanted to take more seriously.

Of course, out of about 100 photos, this is probably the only well framed shot.  Most of them had a terrible tree in the background that looked like it was coming out of his head.  Luckily in this one there was only a little bit of tree so I went ahead and photoshopped it out. 

So, I think today you should take a moment to revisit some of your old photos, or writing, or drawings...whatever it is and see if you can bring it back to life.  Or at least just reminisce.
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