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After the Storm (by RGP)

As I recently explained, September straight up sucked.  Ok, well I didn't really explain it all that well, but you can trust me on that.  Maybe one day I'll give you all the details, but the bottom line is...October simply must RULE!

So far I'm off to a pretty good start.  The weather has been amazing, we went out to a movie this weekend (Zombieland!), I've cooked some chili and the new roommate is working out very well. All super great, relaxing things. 

However, I've been completely bored with my photos lately.  I know I'll get over it, but I want to get over it like...right now!  I feel like September has left a fog in my brain and it just won't clear.

Hey, in other pretty good news, my photoblog is really shaping up nicely!  Give it a look!
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