Etsy Wednesday - This is Halloween!

It's finally that time of year again! Costumes, candy, cider and the color's almost Halloween!  I haven't been able to celebrate it much in the last few years (because I'm a lame grownup who usually has to work) but I still love everything about it.  I don't know very many people, if any, who don't celebrate the date in some way or another.

So this week, a few of my favorite Halloween goodies from Etsy!

candy corn hat.Candy Corn/Wholloween Hat from Knitschmidts!
Price: $18.00
Made from %100 cotton so it'll take the wear and tear and it's washable.  Plus, it's just so damn cute!  Be sure to check out the rest of the shop for some fantastic knit hats and bags.

Loopy Ornament.jpgLoopy Ornament from Loopy Boopy
Sculpted from polymer clay, these beautifully creepy dolls are perfect for Halloween and year round.  Right up my alley!

Halloween VotiveFall Skull Votive from Smitten Kitten
$5.00 with LED Candle
These are the perfect addition to your Halloween decorations.  How can you beat the price and with an electric candle, you won't have to worry about it going out...or starting a fire.

Pumpkin CostumePumpkin Costume from Dahlhart Lane
The perfect cushy costume for your little one.  Just send in your measurements and voila!  Check out the shop for more costumes and Halloween treats!

Leather MaskBlack Bird Mask from Tom Banwell
Halloween isn't just for kids.  Got a costume party to go to? You HAVE to check out this beautiful collection of leather masks. They're stunning!
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