Etsy Wednesday - Beautiful Art by Hide N Seek

HidenSeek Pocket Mirror

I am in a seriously wintry mood today and the Hide N Seek Etsy shop is the perfect match.  Let's face it, with Halloween about to end, we're just around the corner from being completely bombarded by the Holidays.  Why not give in and get started?

At first I thought it was just a shop of lovely prints, but as I dug further, I found these adorable pocket mirrors (as seen above) for only $7.00!  Why use a boring compact when you can have one of these? 

There's also packets of stickers, beautiful round cornered postcards and gift tags n buttons all with the lovely characters found in this shop. 

Of course, you can also get yourself 5x7, 8x11 or 16x11 prints.

Best part?  Right now the stickers, postcards and prints are all on sale up to 50% off!  So quick, don't wait on this one!  Go stock up!
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