October 2009

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Etsy Wednesday - Beautiful Art by Hide N Seek

I am in a seriously wintry mood today and the Hide N Seek Etsy shop is the perfect match.

Monday Moment - For sale!

Guess what? I'm selling my photos!

Gotta See It - Short video that cheered me right up...

Just a fantastic little animation from Randall Munroe of xkcd and Noam Raby with a sweet tune that really cheered me up from Olga Nune.

Etsy Wednesday - Miniature (and full sized) Hats

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I checked out the Anime Fest on our dinner break just to pass the time. Our favorite part was seeing all the amazing Lolita costumes and best of all...the tiny hats!

Gotta See It - Found Photos of 'Wild Youth'

You've gotta check out this great collection of found photographs, all of America's youth throughout the decades, from Reservatory.net.


I think one of my favorite parts of setting up my new photoblog is going back and revisiting my older shots.

Etsy Wednesday - Going Mobile

Are these not some of the coolest mobiles you've ever seen? I could totally hang every one of them in my apartment.

A photo...

Today I managed to drag the fella over to the Prospect Park Zoo!

Art House Scavenger Project....Do It!

If you haven't been over to Art House yet, you simply must...whether you consider yourself an artist or not! It's filled with collaborative projects and a great artist community.

1000 Awesome Things

Prepare to be distracted, 1000 Awesome things is just the tip of the iceberg over at Monsieur Cabinet!

Etsy Wednesday - This is Halloween!

It's finally that time of year again! Costumes, candy, cider and the color orange...it's almost Halloween!

A new month...

As I recently explained, September straight up sucked. Ok, well I didn't really explain it all that well, but you can trust me on that.

Improv Everywhere's Invisible Dog Outing

Check out Improv Everywhere's latest mission...to walk the streets of Brooklyn with invisible dogs.

Polaroid's Comeback...Impossible!

Check it out...Polaroid is making a come back!

Time out for daft...

My buddy, Ben Salvo, over at Salvograms brought my attention to the hilarious blog Everything is Terrible (how have I missed this?) and this here hilarious video...

A little about...

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