Writers/Artists/Photogs Wanted at IndieInk.org

Exciting news!  There's a new site (just went "live" today) for writers, artists and photographers to submit their work for a feature! 

It's called Indie Ink and I am super proud and honored to say one of my photos is the first feature shot!  The first piece of writing is really wonderful too so check that out as well.

This is a prime example of why the internet is such a wonderful place for artists of any medium.  10 years ago I probably never would have met Stacy (owner of Indie Ink and her blog Jurgen Nation), but now with just a couple clicks I've met another lover of the arts and had the opportunity to share my photographs with more people.

So, check out the about page over at Indie Ink and get started on your submissions.  It's super easy, just head over to the Submit page and voila! Piece o' cake. Also, for you artists/photographers, you can join the Flickr group and submit your work that way as well.  (Just be sure to follow the guidelines to make life easier for Stacy).

Stacy and I Flickr mailed back and forth a couple times and I have to tell you, she's absolutely wonderful.  So don't be afraid to send in your work because she's nothing but encouraging. 

What are you waitin' for?
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