Pigeon Parliament

The Birds (by RGP)

Every day at work, when we have our ten minute breaks, my co-worker and I step out back for some fresh air and to watch the insanely large group of pigeons hangout on the bridge at the Port Authority.

The photo you see above is merely 1/4 the amount of pigeons perched on a normal day.

We have dubbed it the "Pigeon Parliament" for no other reason than it's a large group of birds and our imaginations need a stretch.

Every now and then a huge group of them will suddenly take off, fly in a circle and land back in place.  We have decided this is a vote taking place and always follow it with a "the 'coooos' have it." 

There are some pigeons who sit alone above all the rest on lamp posts.  They are clearly in charge.

They are always fighting each other for seats.  That's just funny to watch.
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