It's messy

Another One Gone (by RGP)

First show of the season is done!  We closed yesterday and I'm praying that the time off and a new month will help get my brain back in gear.  I mean seriously, you see that mess up there?  That's about where my sanity is these days.

September was filled with ups and a whole lot of downs.  Really no middle ground or normalcy to speak of.  Just days where I was able to set things aside and act like a human being for a few hours.

October is already starting off more interesting with a new roomate moving into our place.  The rent was getting too high with the lack of work, so we had to bite the bullet.  I'm terrible when it comes to change like this, but it's also so necessary that I'm the one who's gonna have to deal with it and just...let it go.

As long as no one labels their food...I think I should be ok.
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