Life Gets in the Way


It's been a little crazy around here.  Had to take one of our cats to the vet yesterday and it turns out he's got a terrible infection in his mouth. So the fella and I have been trying to come up with interesting ways to make him eat/drink again while stressing out over our financial situation due to said and impending vet visits.

Meanwhile I'm also taking on several new projects, one of which I will tell you about tomorrow (can't wait!) and the rest are basically just me trying to conquer my priorities.  Or rather, trying to figure out what my priorities are. 

I feel like I've hit a fork in the road and that fork has at least 20 tines.

So what if I just wanted to write tines.  It's still true.

Be back shortly with our regularly scheduled program: Etsy Wednesday.

p.s. I have been (so far) successful with the photo a day project for nearly 2 weeks...check it out!
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