Etsy Wednesday - It's fall!

Franken' Stein Blue
Wild Things BowlLarge Wine ChillerGnarly Gnome Salt Shakers

Some of my favorite things about fall are wool socks, scarves, and hot coffee.

Mmmm, hot coffee. 

I'm so addicted to coffee that I'm also addicted to mugs...'cause y'know, girls and their accessories. So I went out in search of a new mug on Etsy and although I found a ton of beautiful pieces, none were quite as unique as what I found in the Niswander Ceramics Etsy shop.

I mean seriously, I had to double check that these were actually hand made.  People never cease to amaze me. And that "Franken' Stein" up there...only $32. 

It's not all about Halloween, as you can see by that amazing wine chiller/utensil holder in the middle there, so if less seasonal is what you're after, be sure to check it out too!

Oh, and be sure to check out her blog too!
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