Etsy Wednesday - Cute & Cozy Cloches

Mint Green Cloche
Cream Linen ClocheRed and black Plaid clocheCream Plaid Cloche

A few years ago, before Etsy was even born, I was looking for the perfect cloche. I mean became an obsession!  Sadly, I never did have any luck, until now of course, thanks to the Bonnies Knitting (Hats with a Past) shop!

I mean seriously, I MUST have that mint green, polka-dotted number!  I hope no one beats me to it...and how perfect are these for the fall?

What makes them even cooler is not only are they vintage patterns, Bonnie tries to use only vintage fabric as well. 

And it doesn't stop at cloches.  She's got classic driving caps, a jockey cap, an aviator cap (that I am in love with) and some vintage knit scarves as well.  And none of the hats are priced over $58!

Why would you wear an old winter hat when you can wear one of these?
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