Don't search for photos...take your own!

In a blink (61/90) (by RGP)One of the benefits to being a photographer and a blogger is never having to a do a Google search for just the right image.  (Y'know, unless it's for my TV blog in which case I'm shit outta luck...unless I start taking photos of my TV...hmm, new idea?)

Not only does this eliminate the obnoxious search for a usable (and legal) photo, it allows you to completely personalize your posts.  Plus, y'know, the whole creativity thing.  Everyone likes to get a little creative sometimes, right? 

And of course, you don't have to call yourself "photographer" to do this.  Just need a camera. That's it. Easy peasy.

In the end, it really won't take up any extra time.  Search time becomes photo taking time.  Which would you rather be doing? 

Here's one example where I took the photo specifically for the post (and after that any other post where I wrote about bloggers/writers...or keyboards should the mood strike.)

And of course this can go the other way around too.  I can't tell you how many times a photo has inspired the actual writing.  I might start out with an idea, but the photo itself just put everything into here and here (of course).

So here's a project for you bloggers out there. Sometime this week when you have a post but no photo...take one!  It can be simple (writing about your kid, that's a pretty obvious photo) or a little more tricky (upset about something?  perhaps a little spilled milk will do the trick).

Also, if you want to post but don't know what about, take a couple of shots around your house, or on a walk.  Something just might inspire a story.
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