Don't know what you've got...

Oh boy did I dodge a bullet and learn a lesson. 

Two nights ago when I was heading home from work, I pulled my camera from my bag...and not everything came with it.  I had somehow managed to yank off the filter cap from the end of my lens...and my brain from my skull apparently.

Oh, the depression and drama that ensued.  (sorry honey.)

HOWEVER!  I did learn a few things.  One, of course, is that I needn't lose my everlovin' mind until I know for sure how much damage has been done.  Sure, sure, I can be bummed out because my creative lifeline feels as though it's been RIPPED FROM MY BODY...but I think I can send the drama llama out to pasture. 

I had wholly convinced myself that I had done hundreds of dollars worth of damage which I'd never be able to afford and now how am I gong to save up for that second lens if I have to get this one fixed and why hasn't anyone taken out the garbage or fed the cats!?!?!

Ok, on to the main lesson of the story.  I've been in a photographic funk.  Completely convinced myself that I have no imagination, it's all been a ruse and maybe I'm not a photographer after all.

I know, it's a funk. Creative block if you will.  These things happen to all of us. But given my history of loving something dearly for a month to the point where my life depends on it and then dropping it forever, I was getting scared.

Turns out the universe, or whatever, decided I needed to learn the hard way to push through the funks...because never have I ever wanted to take a photo more than I have in the last 48 hours.

In fact, I think I need a little more discipline. 

SO!  I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do a photo a day and that is final.  I'm gonna do it until my brains fall out n stuff.

Now I just need to think of a sort of punishment for those days when I don't waaaaannna. Got anything in mind?

OH! And as far as the lens goes...I brought it in for an estimate.  Only $50 and a couple of hours and I'll have it back in my hands!
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