September 2009

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Etsy Wednesday - It's fall!

Some of my favorite things about fall are wool socks, scarves, and hot coffee. Check out these fantastic mugs from Niswander Ceramics!

It's messy

First show of the season is done! We closed yesterday and I'm praying that the time off and a new month will help get my brain back in gear.


I finally have a photoblog! Check it out at!

Etsy Wednesday - Cute & Cozy Cloches

Check out these adorable cloches from the Bonnies Knitting shop on Etsy!

Life Gets in the Way

It's been a little crazy around here.

Writers/Artists/Photogs Wanted at

Exciting news! There's a new site (just went "live" today) for writers, artists and photographers to submit their work for a feature!

Today's Shot - In the dark...

A photo from work and a little about what I do...just a little.

Etsy Wednesday - Recycled Sweater Slippers for Tots

It's really feeling like fall around here so be prepared for the cozy, autumn inspired Etsy shops for a few weeks!

Today's Shot - Next Door

Beautiful day off today.


This is my photo-a-day shot from yesterday. I didn't get to post it, or the other one, this weekend because work and things breaking at work has taken over my brain.

Today's Photo - Got my lens back!

This is one of the first shots I snagged after picking up my lens from the shop yesterday.

Don't know what you've got...

Oh boy did I dodge a bullet and learn a lesson.

Etsy Wednesday - Gorgeous 'Unique Art Pendants'

You have no idea how hard it was to choose just a few to feature here. The Unique Art Pendant shop is full of just what it says, unique art pendants....hundreds of them (for real)!

Flickr Group Feature - Kirsty.Whiten

You must check out the unique, sometimes bizarre, but always stunning work by Kirsty.Whiten. I'm thrilled she decided to share this in the A&D Flickr Group.

Pigeon Parliament

Every day at work, when we have our ten minute breaks, my co-worker and I step out back for some fresh air and watch the insanely large group of pigeons hangout on the bridge at the Port Authority.

Friday's Photographs

A collection of some of my favorite photographs from Flickr.

Don't search for photos...take your own!

One of the benefits to being a photographer and a blogger is never having to a do a Google search for just the right image.

Etsy Wednesday - Needle Felted Cuties from Kit Lane

I simply could not pass up these adorable little creatures from the Kit Lane shop when I spotted them.

Gotta See It - Dirt Poster

Check out this fun project by Roland Tiangco.

A little about...

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