August 2009

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The fella is back!

He's finally back! After a long 4 months and a delayed return due to the flu, the fella is home.

Friday's Photographs

A collection of some of my favorite photos found on Flickr.

Gotta See It - 100 Years of Visual Effects

Wow, I knew we'd come a long way, but it's something else to see the evolution of special effects unfold before your eyes.

The battle for motivation...

That's it...I've had enough! I'm sick of creative block and laziness getting me down.

Etsy Wednesday - Simple, Elegant Earrings from Organic Elements

Check out these beautiful and simple earrings from the Organic Elements shop on Etsy.

Gotta See It - Igor Siwanowicz Photography

You absolutely must go check out Igor Siwanowicz's amazing photos. Warning...there's a lot of creepy (thought beautiful) crawlies!

Look Great!

Check out this fun shot I snagged on my way to work.

Gotta See It - Moving sand art...

Kseniya Simonova is a Ukrainian artist who creates sand front of live audiences. You've gotta check out this video of her performing on Ukraine's Got Talent:

Etsy Wednesday - Macrame!

Not only is this one of the most unique shops I've seen on Etsy, I looooove the presentation.

Gotta See It - Lisel Ashlock Paintings

Do yourself a favor today and take a gander at the amazing work by Lisel Ashlock. It really is extraordinary.

Arts and Dafts Flickr Group Feature - Corcoise

I am in love with this incredible work by the Arts & Dafts Flickr group member Corcoise.


I'm back at work this week and missing the outdoors already.

Etsy Wednesday - Bizarre Barbie Jewelry

I can't believe I've never come across these before. You have to see this totally unique and bizarre barbie's not what you think.

Gotta See It - Staple City

Check out this little city created entirely of staples.

Backwards and Forward

Looking back on old photos, found this great one of the fella. He's coming home soon!

A milestone...

Today I have a photograph (with my naaaaaaaaaaaame under it!!) in the New York Times for the "Lyric is Waiting" review.

Gotta See It - Sophie Blackall's Missed Connections

Thanks to New York Magazine, I found this awesome artist, Sophie Blackall, that draws missed connections.

Etsy Wednesday - Adorable Pendants

There are so many wonderful things in the .:mu urban jewelry shop that I had a hard time choosing which pieces to feature.

Hey artists! Get in Art Forum Mag for $1.50

Seriously, go check it out! You can be an artist in Art Forum magazine!

Feeling Accomplished

I did it! My first official photo shoot!

Friday's Photographs - a day late

A collection of some of my favorite photographs found on Flickr. Sorry for the delay but a photo shoot and back injury have put me a little behind. *sigh*

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