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paris fr (by michael_hughes)

Remember back when I featured this amazing photographer Michael Hughes?  Well I thought you might be interested to know that you can now snag your own copy of one of the awesome souvenir shots for just 1 euro! (that's just under $1.50). 

As all of us well know, times are tough these days and supporting the arts has become a bit of a low priority.  But just think, for a couple of bucks, you'll really be helping him out and you get a super piece of artwork. 

From his site:
I have decided to offer a web edition of Souvenir pictures. The photos have been selected by Flickr democracy; the ten most favourited photos can be downloaded for a nominal €1,00 so that you can print them on the medium of your choice. The photo files are tiffs (lossless) and have 300dpi resolution and will print well at 24cm x 15cm (10"x 6"). By buying you are helping me to continue the project. Any other use of the pictures is, of course, prohibited but I trust you.
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