First 90 Days

Brother Gypsy (1/90) (by RGP)

I've always wanted to complete a daily project but let's face it, 365 days is just too much for my flighty brain.  So I've come up with another idea...the first 90 days with my D90. 

3 months shouldn't be so hard, right? 

I'll put a link in the sidebar at some point but if you're interested in viewing it for now, you can see the project here.

The shot you see above is day one.  It was taken on Friday the 13th and I actually bought the toy on the 12th but the battery wasn't charged until pretty late in the evening and well....I basically just shot the cats and a zillion things around the house.  None of the photos are something I'd share with the internets. 

So follow along with me as I learn more and more about my fabulous new toy for the next 90 days!  And if you want...start your own 90 day project!  No fancy camera necessary.
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