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So I've been wanting to share  tips and tricks on how to get pro-quality photos with the equipment you've got and when I saw Below 14ths jewelry shots, I instantly had to know what her technique was.  Low and behold, as if she read my mind....a post on how she takes her jewelry shots!  See? You don't have to have all that fancy, expensive equipment to make your shots look amazing.

Below 14th
photograph property of Below 14th

If there's anything I've learned in the last year about photography, it's not about what kind of camera you's how you use it.  Did you know that with a little foam board and a lamp, you can make your own light box at home?  No one will know the difference and you get to pat yourself on the back for being crafty.

((Sure, it'd be great to finally have that "big girl" camera I've been after, but I can still take great photos with my Sony until then.)) 

So I hope to gather lots of fun tips and tricks to share here on a more regular basis.  If you have any good ones, please share them with me!  Leave a comment or email: oda[@]daftcrafts[dot]com!

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