When are you most inspired? Find out!

Home Alone (by RGP)

When I was in college we were asked to do a study on our daily moods by keeping an hourly journal.  By moods I mean when we stress out the most, when we're feeling most creative, when we feel motivated to study, when we just plain want to nap, etc. 

The idea behind this particular project was to show how stressed out we college students actually were.  No big surprise there.  However, what I remember most (besides the fact that I am a walking ball of stress) is my creative periods of the day.  It occurred to me that this knowledge held great power.  I could clock almost exactly when I was feeling most inspired. 

The hard part?  Well motivation of course.  How many times have you come up with that great idea and forgotten to write it down.  Or maybe you just wanted to doodle, but you turned on the TV instead.  The key is learning to take advantage of these times, particularly if you can become aware of when they are.

For me, it's early early morning (when everyone is still asleep and quiet) or late at night.  Since I tend to see the later side of the day more often, that's when I need to learn to kick it into gear.  Like now for instance as I write this around 10pm.

Why am I suddenly reminded of this?  I found this article which discusses a scientific study on this very subject.  

Turns out, according to researchers, we all have "eureka moments" later in the evening.  Particularly around 10:04pm to be precise.  However, as I mentioned above, most of us tend to forget to write our ideas down when the big AH HA! happens. 

It goes on to talk about the 9-5 work day and how (shock) we become less and less motivated until hitting rock bottom around 4:30 in the afternoon. 

So, if you were motivated to read this far, here's your homework.  For the next week you should pay attention to your own personal cycle and always keep a notepad handy.  When are you most stressed out?  When do you feel most inspired?  Motivated?  Tired? 

Don't do it for me, do it for yourself.  You might find it helpful in the planning of your day.  Not that I suggest you plan your days all the time, spontaneity is the spice of life after all.  It's just that, well, wouldn't you like to be ready for those creative spurts with a pen and paper, or your computer, or crayons?

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