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My First Step

If you liked the website I mentioned a few days ago, you're really going to love this one.  It's like Post Secret but taken to the next level.  It's called Common Ties and I literally spent half my day reading through all the entries yesterday.

The idea is to answer one or more of the 20 questions they provide and then you submit your answer (with or without artwork).  From what I gather, a finished piece is one with artwork.  Don't do visual art? That's okay, there is a section for "orphaned" writing where artists can choose to submit work to go along with other people's writing.  This is also great for artists not looking to answer any questions.

Sites like these, where we are able to tell our stories in quick passionate bursts, not only provide an outlet for our creativity, but a place for people to go when they think they're all alone.   These are the places that answer the questions we all ask ourselves "Does anyone else feel this way?" or "Am I the only one?".   This particular site ups the anti by letting us collaborate which makes the connection to the story even stronger.

Oh, and I did I mention you can be paid for your submissions if they're accepted?

illustration property of Common Ties

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