Blogher Does Art... and it was good.

Blogher and Kirtsy put together a beautiful art auction that allowed all of use to communicate and collaborate with the artists. A must see!

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Bathroom Parties, Beer and Playdoh

What does it take to get a nerve wracked, lady fearing woman to calm down at a Blogher conference? Why, a bathroom party with the Bloggess!

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Dude... I'm at Blogher

Woah... Blogher is insane.

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Woah.. I shot a video and put it on YouTube

Seriously, in all my years of stalking the internet, would you believe I've never once put a video on YouTube?

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Most creative mommy blog? I think so...

A creative way to imagine what your little one is dreaming about...

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Brooklyn Two Ways

Two scenes, both shot in Brooklyn, NY.

Gotta See It - Ashley Meaders

You must see this artist's beautiful website

Blogher... Do Not Toss

I am both thrilled and terrified for the up and coming Blogher '10 in New York City. Who's comin with me?

Can ya dig it?

The summer has been wild and I've forgotten to write about it. Woops! Here's my ticklish family to tide you over.

Brother Gypsy Sings

Photograph of my brother performing. You should know about him and his band NT.

Two Sunrises and a Dixie Land Band

It feels so good to finally get out and create my own adventures. I'm pretty sure even in the last 5 years I can't top the things I've done this week. I'm on a roll.

It's not about the tool...

I had a conversation last night with some friends about photography and how important the equipment is.

KickStarter of the Week: Broken Pancreas

Ken S. Kotch is a professional photographer with Type I diabetes. He wants to prove he is capable of anything....

Mermaid Parade

Check out what I got to do on my birthday...

KickStarters You Should Know...

Check out a great handful of KickStarter projects!

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