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Brook Kerr

Posted by silverbelle
Brook, do you ever watch yourself on TV? If so, what's your reaction to see yourself?

Brook says: Not often, but sometimes. I just laugh and say, "Is that me?!"

Posted by lnk611
How does it feel to be on the best soap in my opinion on Daytime? Keep up the good work!

Brook says: Wonderful!! This show is so much fun, and I love the real life family loves and hates.

Posted by Heidihope
What work did you do before Passions?

Brook says: A lot of guest start spots on various sitcoms Wayne Brothers, "Smart Guy", Steve Harvey, "City Guys".

Posted by PassionsGal
How did you get started in acting? What is the best part about getting to act on a soap opera?

Brook says: I started 3 years ago. The best part is that you get to play with different material every single day.

Posted by Passions4ls
I always love the outfits Whitney wears! My question is, are you allowed to keep the outfits after they are used for an episode?

Brook says: I love my clothes too. We dont get to keep them, but if its something I really love, they will tell me where to get it.

Posted by pepito
Was is a typical day like when filming?

Brook says: A lot of running lines!! But there is fun too!

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