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Juliet Mills

Posted by Mochagirl
Is this the most unusual role that you have played?

Juliet says: Yes, I think so.

Posted by fadedrose
I understand that you are 59 (am just a couple of years older than you myself). I notice that your part in Passions is the most strenuous of all the females, and most of the males. I've seen you run in the streets, goof around fireplaces, drag bodies, collapse, carry Tim-Tim, bend, stretch, and wear the most elaborate costumes, etc. What youthful vitality you have - you put the younger cast to shame. ;)

Juliet says: I'm still 58 years old. I'll be 59 in November. and I do yoga, have done for the last 15 years and I run around the track in the park three times a week . About 7 miles a week total.

Posted by Syllyb
Why did Tabitha really create Timmy? (I think she was lonely and also needed someone to help her with her schemes. But that's just what I think.)

Juliet says: That's what I think too! She wanted an accomplice, a sounding board!

Posted by kema
Is it hard to keep a straight face when you come up with those elaborate schemes to kill Charity and they don't work out? Also, how do you feel about JERís use of the supernatural in Passions?

Juliet says: I think JER is soooo clever

Posted by students
a. How do you feel about being one of few soap characters without a romantic interest?
b. Does your character like Charity?
c. Have you seen the Blair Witch Project?!

Juliet says: a. Fine!!
b. Tabby thinks she's a wet drip
c. Yes, I thought it was good.

Posted by Catho6
Romantically speaking, what kind of person/spirit/supernatural being/doll/whatever would be the best match for your character?

Juliet says: Someone with flair and panache, who's lived many lives like she has -- someone who practices magic!

Posted by corker
I just love you guys, you keep me laughing for hours
I also love the supernatural stuff, it is so original. My question is, if you could chose any spell to conjure up what would it be?

Juliet says: A flight on my broomstick somewhere exotic.

Posted by Laura20
Do you ever practice any witchcraft in real life? I am being serious. Such as Wicca.

Juliet says: Not witchcraft per se, but I practice with my ESP and power of positive thinking!

Posted by RachelC
Do you have a favorite scheme Tabitha used to try to get Charity? What scheme would you like to try in the future? (My favorite was the burning at the stake:)

Juliet says: I liked the burning at the stake, I like going back in time, into other lives. I'd like to go after her in our Elizabethan lifetimes!

Posted by Gizmo_
Juliet, does Tabitha have any special jewelry that she always wears?

Juliet says: Yes, one amber ring which she always wears on her wedding finger.

Posted by JGK
Do you let your children watch you on Passions? If so, what do they think about the idea of their Mom being a witch?? And if not, why not?

Juliet says: My children are grown up. They love my witch!

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