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Josh Ryan Evans

Posted by Passion Girl
What is the best part about working on Passions?

Josh says: The people we work with, cast and crew, have become like family. And hearing from someone who enjoys my work feels pretty good too!

Posted by korn23
Are you and Juliet friends off the set?

Josh says: Yes we are friends; but we spend so much of our day together that when we go home time prohibits doing anything together very often. Juliet and her husband, Maxwell Caulfield, my mother, and my manager were the only ones we had join us for my birthday dinner. It really felt like a small family event. I have adopted Juliet and Maxwell and the rest of their family.

Posted by BabyShuis
How involved do you get with the special effects? Iím interested in knowing...I find them fun and not at all cheesy...I especially liked the Cemetery fire scenes....

Josh says: We have experts that handle the details of special effects. Sometimes the fire is real and often other things are real too Ė water and wind stunts, etc. Everyone has to be on his or her toes and pay attention, and do their part to prevent any problems.

Posted by Cathrina
What is it like working on a Soap Opera on a typical day. Also, do you have any advice for people like me who want to become actors? Thanks!!

Josh says: If you do not want to be an actor with all your heart and soul, do not do it. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of good luck. However, if it is your passion, then go for it!

As for working on a soap, I have never worked so hard in my life. We do an episode every day.

Posted by students
Why does Tabby have an accent but Timmy doesn't?
we love u Tabby and Timmy. keep up the good work and the plans to destroy Charity.

Josh says: Tabitha was raised by parents with British accents, and Timmy has been raised by a British "nanny" who also speaks in tongues and spells, and by the all American television. If you listen close, you can catch him using words like bugger or bum, or 'Herbs' not 'erbs'

Posted by RachelC
You and Juliet have had many hilarious scenes together. Do you have a favorite?

Josh says: Maybe the first scene together should be on the top 10. We hadnít really even met each other and the next thing we know, she is on a bike with me in a basket on the handle bars and all we know is that the script says, "Tabitha slams on brakes and Timmy goes flying headfirst into the sidewalk." Neither one of us knew what to do. She wasnít going to let me get hurt, and I wasnít eager to get hurt either. My poor mother just stopped breathing for about an hour. However, then we met the Timmy doll. And he go to do the stunt. I guess we should have told my mom first, ha ha!

Posted by belkathy
Where would you both like to see your character a year from now? Still plotting Charity's demise or perhaps causing mischief for some other poor, unsuspecting citizen of Harmony? :)

Josh says: A year seems so long Ė canít really think that far ahead. One day at a time.

Posted by "Mrs Travis Schuldt"
Josh, would you ever want Timmy to become a real boy? Thanks!!!

Josh says: As I said before, Timmy is real to me. He only doesnít get older, but neither does Tabby. 300 years old looks good on her.

Posted by belkathy
If you could trade roles with anyone else on the show, which characters would you like to try your hand at?

Josh says: I would like to be a Crane. Have you seen their mansion? It might be fun to play Tabitha, just to get to be so bad.

Posted by kema
Who on the show do like to interact with most?

Josh says: Tabitha and I spend most of the time together, but everyone is fun in one way or another. Ben Masters is hysterical, and all the women are, well, youíve seen them.

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