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McKenzie Westmore

Posted by hollys
Is it difficult playing a character that is older than you are?

McKenzie: No, because my sister (Michele) and my brother (Michael) are 10 years older than me so I grew up around them & their friends. I have always been around people older than me & have always acted older.

Posted by allie999
Do you like Sheridan? What would you want to change about her?

McKenzie: I think Sheridan would be a great friend. She’s very sympathetic towards others and is a great listener. She is also very caring and loving and never wants to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Posted by Catho6
I would like to know if Sheridan is planning to sing on Passions. What kind of plot situation can you envision where you would get to use your musical talents?

McKenzie: I would love for Sheridan to sing! I would love it if Sheridan sang to Luis to try to seduce him OR the Youth Center could put on a musical that could involve the kids and the adults.

Posted by Catho6
What is your dream musical role?

McKenzie: My dream musical role would either be "Christine" in the Phantom of the Opera or "Eponine" in Les Miserables.

Posted by AmberH14
I know a lot of girls out here are just dying to know if Galen is a good kisser….is he?

McKenzie: Yes, he is!

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