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Galen & McKenzie

Posted by kepas
Do you like working together?

McKenzie: I love working with Galen! He’s incredibly easy going and has quite a sense of humor. We have a lot of fun together!

Galen: Mac is great to work with. A very warm and giving person and that's certainly helped us make a certain chemistry come to life.

Posted by smarti84
Do you get nervous when you have to do certain scenes with each other?

McKenzie: I really don’t get nervous – Gale is so easy to be around, that there is nothing to be nervous about.

Galen: Not really. It is actually quite kinda cool.

Posted by KandyKane
How strenuous were the water scenes in New Mexico?

McKenzie: The water scenes were tough but fun! The underwater stuff was the hardest because the water was freezing!

Galen: They were exhausting, physically and emotionally.

Posted by starrzone
When doing scenes together, do you ever try to make each other laugh?

McKenzie: We laugh constantly, with out trying…

Galen: We always laugh. It keeps the energy up at the end of a long day.


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