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Galen Gering

Posted by Joy -
Given the "overnight success" of your acting career and the enormous future possibilities that your looks and talent combination have presented, what will you do in the future? Your education and stated goals include filmmaking and other behind-the-camera directions, but you've proven loud and clear that you are merely one step away from the big screen. Will you perhaps try directing a movie in which you also star?

Galen: One of the hardest things to do in life, which is also one of the things that makes it interesting is predict where we will end up. However, I love both the art of film-making and acting and will certainly work to ensure that both are part of my life. It's amazing to see the success of people like Robert Duvall, Billy Bob Thornton and Sean Penn in films that they've both starred in and directed. I think that to be successful doing such work the piece, i.e., the script must be very clear in the actor/director's mind. Because wearing both hats requires tremendous conviction and concentration.

Posted by Catho6 -
How difficult is it to create an effective characterization not knowing how things are going to turn out?

Galen: Obviously, if you don't know where you'll end up it poses problems for the actors. It makes it difficult to assess the progress with which relationships transpire. But it's something one has to deal with in order to be good.

Posted by Cathoo6 -
What is your favorite part and what do you dislike about being a soap star?

Galen: Acting is a rewarding job and ultimately it is great to be working on such a fun and dynamic show such as PASSIONS.

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