Arizona Rep. Proposes a "Pool" For Chronic Disease.

Insurance companies give themselves an out on chronic disease coverage, according to an article in the Arizona Republic newspaper.  Chronic disease patients and their families are left in the lurch and exposed to overwhelming financial and emotional burdens when their insurance companies when "they discover there is a vast difference between what insurance covers and the actual cost of treatment."

Rep. John Shadegg, R-Ariz., proposes that Americans with chronic illnesses be covered "through 'high-risk' pools that offer coverage at rates comparable to those charged to healthy people." 

Weirdly; that sounds like socialism. Actually, it is socialism. Particularly as compared to a public competitive option. That would be a capitalist model that, effectively, we all own but we need not buy from.  Insurance companies wouldn't be allowed to compete in Shadegg's proposed "high-risk pool" but would have to provide coverage at a set rate and, likewise, "high-risk" consumers would have no choice but to take the coverage -- and the stigma -- at the non-competitive rate. 

A public competitive insurance option, on the other hand, would always be available to patients with chronic diseases and so would quite naturually make that coverage a crucial part of the competitive insurance environment -- complete with competitive premiums.

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